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Exclusive news and analysis for the IT industry
 from G2 Computer Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence and Observations about Industry Standard Servers, Storage and Related Phenomena

Client Server NEWS is the only newsweekly dedicated to business developments within the Windows XP/2000/NT and Linux industry.  It delivers in depth and, in many cases, advance, coverage of:

  • Enabling technologies
  • Hardware and software roll-outs
  • Developments of new sales channels
  • International markets
  • New product directions
  • Coverage of competitive moves
  • Start-ups
  • Troop movements
  • Future computing initiatives
  • Industry alliances and schisms
  • Market shares and forecasts
  • Industry standards
  • Orgs and reorgs
  • Gains, pains and delays
  • Mergers and acquisitions

and, of course Billygrams, those nuggets of information you won't find any where else.  There are two kinds of Client Server NEWS readers - those who start on the last page and read Billygrams first and those who save these juicy morsels until the end.

It is pledged to fact and fair comment.

It breaks more stories than any other computer publication.

LinuxGram is an established weekly news vehicle that has broken most of the key stories in Linux since it was started several years ago. It provides readers with concise, no-nonsense stories on the business and technology of Linux and open source and the politics behind it all. 

It is directed at the people who run the computer industry, the Fortune 5000 who buy from them and the developers who make it all work. Treasured as a strategic weapon thatís hidden by CEOs from their boards so they sound brighter, its tone and writing style is a favorite with readers. 

The people who write LinuxGram are veterans of the trench warfare that marked the rise of Unix and the onset of NT. They keep and deploy the cultural memory, something Intel chairman Andy Groves has charged the rest of the press with forgetting, to its and the industryís detriment. 

A passion for accuracy goes without saying.

LinuxGram introductory price is $195.00 / Euro 230.00

What makes us unique is our intelligence.  The intelligence comes from:

* The best reporters in the industry. We get the story behind the story.
* A perspective that comes from the years we've been in this industry. We donít just rewrite press releases.
* Contacts at the highest level of every company in the industry. We've even been accused of having bugs in the boardrooms.
* We work harder. We have a proven track record. No other newsweekly breaks more news. Every week. Week after week.
* A fierce dedication to reporting the facts. We get it right the first time - our accuracy rate is unchallenged.

Subscribe now and start getting your own weekly intelligence reports directly from the battlefront.


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E-Postal News
ePostal News is a paid subscription newsletter that's distributed by e-mail every Friday.
News & Insights into the World's Postal Organizations' e-commerce Activities

... including e-billing, e-fulfillment, hybrid mail, e-government services, e-messaging, CRM, encryption, authentication and digital certificates for electronic services.

World's only weekly news source about 
E-commerce & Internet activities of the Global Postal Industry

Read all about it! Exclusively in ePostal News.

The world's only weekly news source about the E-commerce & Internet activities of the Global Postal Industry.

Written in a time-saving style, ePostal News quickly supplies strategic information in these areas:

E-Mail & Secure Messaging
E-Billing & e-invoicing (EBPP)
Hybrid mail
 Internet Postage
 Procurement Portals
Electronic Document Delivery

Online Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM)
Content Management
Industry Alliances and News
 Forecasts and Research

We regularly contact hundreds of international industry leaders and access thousands of news sources to bring focused, actionable intelligence in a time-saving concise bulletin format.

It's delivered weekly on an annual subscription of $595.00 with discounted group & departmental rates available).


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